What is The Process for a Cash Offer on a Houston House?

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So, you’re looking for a cash offer on your Houston house but not sure how to get started? This can be a challenge for anyone who’s never sold a house for cash only and looking for a quick close.

Fortunately, there are many resources and people who can help. And the reality is that it’s much easier and faster than selling it through a realtor, the traditional way.

In this post I’ll share with you a quick process on how to get a cash offer on your Houston house and get paid in a few days.


1. Decide how much you Want

If you’re ready to get a cash offer on your Houston house, it’s a good idea to know how much you want for it. This will depend on several factors like how fast you want to sell, if there is an outstanding mortgage, if the property needs a lot of work and renovation and so on.

Most cash buyers in Houston will ask you how much you want so it’s wise to have this before reaching out to any buyer and before getting an offer.

The buyer will look at the location of the property, how much debt is outstanding, any liens on it, what repair work is required,  After Repair Value (ARV) among other things, before sending you a cash offer for your Houston house. But this comes later.


2. Search for a Cash Buyer

After deciding how much you want to sell your house for, it’s time to now reach out to a cash buyer in Houston. There are many ways to find a buyer and searching on Google is one of the best ways.

That’s because the cash buyers that appear at the top of the search results, in both paid and organic listings will be the best and most reliable buyers in Houston. They will have been around for a long time or are spending thousands of dollars each month to appear there, which means they are successful buyers.

Many of these will be property investors who will be looking to flip or rent out your house after fixing it. So, they’ll have a lot of experience buying similar properties in Houston.


3. Speak to a Buyer

After finding a buyer that is suited for what you’re looking for, you should reach out to them on their website through email or phone. This initial communication is important because it helps you to find out quickly if they can make a cash offer on your Houston property or if they can refer you to another buyer.

Many cash buyers work with other investors and in their networks, they can easily find a buyer for your house if they are not able to purchase it themself.

The buyer will ask questions about the property over the phone or via email. This will help them to understand how quickly you want to sell, what condition the property is in, where it’s located, if it’s vacant and others.


4. Find out the Costs

Usually, when you sell to a cash buyer, there are no costs to pay. That means you won’t have to pay any closing costs or agent fees. So, it will save you a lot of money and means the whole process will be quick.

Neither will you be required to pay any repair costs to your property. This is handled by the cash buyer who will be purchasing it so they can repair it themself and increase its equity. And there will be no costs to clean your house because this too will be handled by the buyer.

So, this is one of the big benefits of getting a cash offer on your Houston house. You will not pay anything and will be able to get rid of the property swiftly.


5. Accept the Offer

Now it’s time to decide if the cash offer for your Houston house is right for you, or maybe you want to make a counter-offer or decline it altogether. It’s important to communicate this with the cash buyer as soon as possible so they can decide their next move, whether you’ll be accepting or not.

If you accept the offer for your Houston home, then you’ll receive a contract to sign, and it will now be in the hands of the cash buyer. And they will explain to you what happens now and what they’ll be doing to take the purchase to closing.


6. Close the Sale

Most cash buyers will allow you to choose the closing date. This can be any date that’s suitable for you, after the inspection period. And the buyer will need about 7 days for the inspection and less in some cases, so they can check the property over.

At closing you will receive the funds for your property from the title company, and that will end the purchase.


7. Move on with your Life

Another major benefit of selling to a cash buyer is that you can move on with your life without waiting to see if the deal is going to close. So, after signing the contract there will be little else required from your end except to appear on the date of closing to receive payment for your house.

This is very different from selling through a realtor and looking for a buyer that is likely to use a lender which can lengthen the process. And it has a higher failure rate because of the many contingencies involved in such a transaction.

So, with a cash buyer there are no closing costs for you to pay or real estate agent fees. You will get an offer within a few hours and closing will be within a few days.



So, this is the process you can expect for a cash offer for your Houston property. This ensures that the sale goes through hassle-free and at little or no cost to you, which the cash buyer guarantees.

If you want to receive a cash offer on your Houston house, get in touch with us today to start the process.


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