How to Sell Your Houston House Fast

Sell Houston House Fast

If you’re looking to sell your Houston house fast today and not sure where to get started, you can be confident that there is a hassle-free process that will cost you little or no money to do so.

This is possible because there are many real estate investors in Houston that are ready to buy it for cash, quickly. And unlike selling through a real estate agent, there are no costs to pay and you can have the cash in as little as 14-28 days.

However, this requires that the property is sold at a discount so that the cash buyer can fix it and rent it out or sell it on. But you can shop around to find the best offer before selling.

In this blog post I share tips on how to sell your Houston house fast today:


1. Search for a Cash Buyer

To sell your Houston house fast, you’ll need to know where to find a cash buyer. And one of the fastest and easiest ways is to search for a buyer on Google using words such as ‘Houston homes cash buyers‘, ‘sell Houston house fast‘, ‘find Houston House buyer’ and other similar ones.

This will bring up a list of 10 – 20 cash buyers in Houston, in the paid listings, organic listings and map listings. And you can contact all or some of them to find the right buyer for your requirements.

However, contacting 2 to 3 of these cash buyers, especially the highest ranked ones, will usually be enough to ensure you get the best price on your property and achieve a quick sale.


2. Evaluate list of Buyers

First, evaluate the buyers that you’ve found. Look through their websites to see how they work and what processes they follow. Check how professional they are and what results they’ve achieved for other sellers in Houston.

And if you’ve reached out to them by phone, check how interested they are in helping you, and if they are helpful. An interested buyer will answer all your questions and will get back to you swiftly if they don’t have an answer immediately. A reputable buyer will also respond quickly to emails, and usually within a few hours.

And try to provide as much information as possible that they request on their websites or over the phone.

When you’ve reached out to a few Houston home cash buyers, they’ll get back to you quickly, and usually through email or by phone.


3. Get some Offers

Next, you will get some offers for your house. It’s best not to rush this part no matter how quickly you want to sell. Getting multiple offers means you will get the best offers for your property and that you will have a chance to evaluate each buyer to make sure that they are able to close.

Some buyers will email an offer to you, and some will meet you in-person at the property to do a quick inspection and then give you an offer. And some will give you an offer over the phone. All methods are ok, and it just depends how the cash buyer works.

They will also give you a reason why they’ve offered the amount that they have sent to you. This will include the costs that they’ve estimated to clean the property, make repairs and any other work needed to make it a profitable purchase for them.


4. Pick an Offer & Sign

You can also make a counter-offer if you are not ready to accept any offer yet. That’s usually if the offer is lower than what you want. The cash buyer will either accept, decline or make a counter-offer.

If you accept the offer, then the next step will be to sign the contract and send it back to the buyer. This will likely be done online or in-person if the buyer meets you at the property.

Next, the buyer will send the contract to a local title company that will carry out searches and prepare everything for closing. And you’ll get regular updates on how things are progressing.


5. Choose your Closing Date

Most buyers will allow you to choose the closing date. So, this gives you greater flexibility and can also help to speed up the whole sale. However, this will need to take into consideration the inspection time which could take between 7-14 days. But you can pick a date to close right after the inspection.

This is not always possible with a traditional sale through a realtor, so this is a much more flexible approach to sell your Houston house fast to a cash buyer.


6. Sell Your House As-Is

Finally, one of the things to be aware of when selling your Houston home to a cash buyer is you will sell it as it is. So, the cash buyer won’t require you to carry out any repairs or updates before the sale can happen.

Neither will they require you to clean the house and clear all the rubbish and anything else you may not want in it. You will leave anything behind that you don’t want to take with you, and the buyer will clear it all for free.

This will save you a lot of money especially if there is a lot of cleaning and clearance work to be done. The buyer will have a team of cleaners ready to do that work, because of the experience they have in purchasing similar properties.



So, we’ve covered the key points when you want to sell your Houston house fast to a cash buyer. This helps to save you a lot of money on realtor fees which can be as high as 3% or more of the value of your property.

If you’re ready to sell your Houston house fast today, contact us for a quick guaranteed offer in just 24 hours.

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